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Our Agreement and Contract Law Lawyers will draft for you a contract that will help obviate the risk of future litigation. We will draft and/or review your existing agreement to make it effectuate your intent when entering into the contract in the first place. We do not rely on a boilderplate “form” to define the agreement between parties. Nor should should you rely on a form off the internet. Regardless, why rely on a generic “form” when you can spend less than you think to have a trial litigation attorney review and/or draft a contract that will be binding in Pennsylvania? We can help you throughout Western Pennsylvania, including: (Pittsburgh, PA), Beaver County, Butler County,Washington County, Lawrence, and Greene Counties (Waynesburg). Set up an appointment for consultation with an attorney. A Pitsburgh lawyer can come to you in Fayette (Uniontown), Johnstown, Westmoreland County (Greensburg), Lawrence County, Cambria County, Greene County, Weirton, Wheeling, Morgantown, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, Ross, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), Monroeville, North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, and Bellevue. Each lawyer with us handle mechanic’s lien drafting, and litigation. Do not let a contractor take advantage of you during contract negotiations for a renovation or new home construction. Have an lawyer review the written agreement and/or help you enforce an existing agreement in court. You will save money over the long run by having quality advice on your home improvement, home purchase, real estate sales agreement, real estate litigation, service agreement, or other contract. We can estimate for you the likely damages from breach of contract. We will handle your business law case, your breach of contract claim, jury trial,  arbitration, or bench trial on contract damages.  Our lawyers in Pittsburgh can help you with a lemon law issue. Protect yourself from getting a lien against your home based upon a home improvement contract where the failed to pay the subcontractors or suppliers. Ask us about the new changes to the law concerning mechanic liens in Pennsylvania. Our PA lawyers can also help you if you live outside of Pennsylvania and you need suit filed in Western PA. Our lawyers handle cases involving choice of forum provisions or arbitration clauses in contracts.

Our construct lawyers work with you to finalize your construction contract or lien waiver. Why put your contract in a form or generic form or software program to create your important documents when you can have it done by an attorney who knows the law in Pennsylvania? Our Pittsburgh and Beaver County attorneys can help you throughout Western Pennsylvania, including: Allegheny County (Pittsburgh),Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, Lawrence, and Greene Counties (Waynesburg). Set up an appointment for consultation with an attorney. Our Pittsburgh, PA, and Beaver County, PA attorneys can come to you in Fayette (Uniontown), Johnstown, Westmoreland County (Greensburg), Cambria County, Greene County, Weirton, Wheeling, Morgantown, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, Ross, Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), Monroeville, North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, and Bellevue. Each Pittsburgh lawyer with us handles breach of contract, drafting and interpretation. We will handley our trial concerning business law, contracts, or a breach of an agreement. Ask how our Pittsburgh lemon law and contract law attorneys can help you. Our PA Lawyers lawyers are available to help. Read and appreciate our disclaimer. See our default page.

Contact our PA lawyers for advice when negotiating any major home improvement: a new deck, patio, garage, kitchen, basement, or addition to your home. Our contract law attorneys can help set up the agreement to protect your interests fully and make sure the contractor does his job and pays his subs.

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Law concerning Virginia subcontractors:

Changes to the law governing mechanic liens in PA: hanic.pd

Law concerning Virginia, Ohio, subcontractors and Mechans Liens:
Changes to the law governing mechanic liens in PA: c.pdf

Federal law on warranties oducts/pro17.shtm

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act arranty_Act

Sale of Goods in Pennsylvania
Uniform Commercial Code

Express and implied warranties

Arbitration Procedure
Carfax can provide information about known defects in title including major repair work or whether a car has a rebuild title.

Kelley Blue Book can tell you the approximate value of your new or used car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or other vehicle. following site can give you the latest governmental information about vehicle safetey, child seat ratings, vehicle defect statistics, warranty issues, and other automobile and truck-related topics: Pittsburgh lemon law attorneys will help you ever step of the way, especially if your lemon law case in Pittsburgh or Beaver County rises to the level of fraud or unfair trade practices.Alabama – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Alaska – No attorney available. See out the state’s consumer protection unit Arizona – Krohn & Moss Arizona Office Arkansas – Alex Simanovsky & Associates California – Krohn & Moss California Office Colorado – Weisberg & Meyers Connecticut 

Delaware – Contact the Attorney General. District of Columbia – Florida –  Georgia – Hawaii – No lawyers available. Check out the government lemon law program from the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Idaho – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Illinois – Krohn & Moss Illinois Office Indiana – Krohn & Moss Indiana Office Iowa – Clark, Butler, Walsh & Hamann Kansas – Kentucky – The Law Offices of Nick Thompson Louisiana – Alex Simanovsky & Associates, Law Offices of Rick Dalton Maine – Maine’s Attorney General Maryland – Maryland Lemon Law Massachusetts – Massachusetts Lemon Law Michigan – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Minnesota – Law Offices of Todd Gadthke
Mississippi – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Missouri –  Montana – Nebraska –  Nevada – Nevada Lemon Law– New Hampshire – New Hampshire’s Attorney General – New Jersey – New Mexico – Weisberg & Meyers New York – Alex Simanovsky & Associates North Carolina – Law Office of Ray Postlethwaite North Dakota – No lawyer found. See the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Page Ohio –Ohio Lemon Law
Oklahoma – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Oregon – Weisberg & Meyers

Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Lemon Law
Rhode Island – Rhode Island Lemon Law South Carolina – Alex Simanovsky & Associates South Dakota – No lawyers found. See the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Page Tennessee – Alex Simanovsky & Associates Texas –Weisberg & Meyers Utah – No lawyers found. See the State’s Consumer Protection Page – Vermont – Vermont Lemon Law Virginia – Washington – Weisberg & Meyers West Virginia – Ellem Law Office Wisconsin -Krohn & Moss Wisconsin Office Wyoming – No lawyers found. See the State’s Consumer Protection Page

See also FAQ.

What is the Effect of a Mechanic’s Lien?

What Defenses Exist to a Mechanic’s Lien Claim?

Who May Take a Lien?

How is a Mechanic’s Lien Perfected?

Can a Claimant Obtain Money Damages relative to a Mechanic’s Lien?

What is the Priority of Lien Claims?

When is a Lien Waiver Valid?

When Is Notice Not Required?  

Get in touch with our lawyers in Pittsburgh when it comes to mechanic’s liens (filing, defensesperfection, priority (claims in bankruptcy, and more).  We explore whether money damages may be sought, deadlines, lien waivers).  We look into real estate disputes, warranties, warranty issues, construction disputes involving contractors, GCs, sub-contractors, and suppliers), and more.  Identify exactly when 30 days written notice is not required in advance of the filing of a mechanic’s lien against real property.  Utilize our convenience site map for more information.

Out Pittsburgh based attorneys focus on the formalities to perfect a lien or defeat one.  We look at whether the claim includes the name of the parties, description of the real property involved, whether proper notice of intent was served correctly, whether the claim is time-barred.  We get that a counterclaim may not be proper in defense of a mechanic’s lien, it may offset the amount of the lien.  Apart from the mechanic’s lien, we consider filing a complaint for money damages on the general docket to get judgment to execute on personal or business assets.  Our Pittsburgh mechanic’s lien lawyers explore the “defense of payment” approach.  We consult with you about all the costs and legal fees to retain us to bring or defend a mechanic’s lien action.  We craft aggressive strategies tailed to be cost-effective and within your budget. We look at all issues surrounding a construction contract, such as non-payment, collection, and indemnity.  Call for more information.


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