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For those facing litigation, one path to explore is alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR can involve mediation or arbitration outside of the judicial system, potentially saving some of the costs associated with the courts. Keep in mind that ADR is not always less expensive than proceeding through the courts. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to ADR. Either way, you may have no choice but to proceed through arbitration if your contract contains an arbitration clause.

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Our experienced PA attorneys will sit down with you and give you a complete consultation on all ADR-related issues in your case. We will tell you what costs you can expect through the courts as opposed to the arbitration process. It might be the case that you are unable to take a mechanic’s lien or that one was improperly taken against your property if, for example, an arbitration clause governs the parties’ rights and provides that arbitration shall be the parties’ sole remedy.  Arbitration can be an excellent alternative to courtroom litigation over real estate.  

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You may wave your right to assert (or challenge) an arbitration clause if you wait. We will sit down with you and explain all your options. We will also give you a realistic estimate of legal fees relative to the amount of money you may recover (or save) through litigation.

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Reach out to our Pittsburgh lawyers in terms of mechanic’s Liens. We study all issues such as filing procedures (and formalities), defensesperfection, priority, and whether money damages may be sought.  Call us to learn about deadlines, lien waivers, real estate disputes, warranties.  We focus in on warranty issues, and construction disputes involving contractors, GCs, sub-contractors, and suppliers.






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