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Save time and money by protecting your rights as you enter into or litigate your understanding of dealings with another party.  Our Pittsburgh, PA attorneys can draft (or review) your land sale agreement, home remodeling contract, home construction agreement with a general contractor or sub, sales contract, or other important agreement.

Litigation Attorneys

Getting good advice early and spending time to make your agreement more specific are the best ways to avoid litigation. Our trial lawyers know what issues come up in court and we will help you avoid them.

Handling Your Trial

If your case case is beyond the contract formation stage and you need to enforce an agreement (or defend against a contractual or mechanic’s lien claim), we will protect your interests in court. Our lawyers have handled cases in arbitration, mediation, and jury trials. Our experienced Pittsburgh based attorneys will be glad to protect your rights before a jury. Call us for an estimate of your reasonable costs for trial. 


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Get in touch with our experienced Pittsburgh officers of the court for matters concerning mechanic’s Liens (filing, defensesperfection, priority, whether money damages may be sought, deadlines, lien waivers), real estate disputes, warranties, warranty issues, construction disputes involving contractors, GCs, sub-contractors, and suppliers), and more.   Take a look at our site map for more details.   







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Mechanic’s Liens

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