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Our Pittsburgh mechanic’s lien attorneys are here to answer your questions about the law. We would be happy to serve as your lawyer. When you decide it is time to learn your rights about construction law, home improvement, mechanic’s liens, warranties or other matter, your best bet is to schedule a meeting in person with an attorney who is admitted to practice law in the jurisdiction where your case is located, such as Pennsylvania. A web site is no substitute for a consultation with an attorney who gives you a chance to ask specific questions about how the law will apply to the facts in your case.

You should not treat any portion of this web site as legal advice or a reference material about about contract law or other type of law in Pennsylvania. To learn the current state of the law (such as the 2007 amendments to the mechanic’s lien laws), you will need to sit down with an attorney who has recently researched the law as it may apply to the facts in your case. Give our attorneys a call for a free quotation of fees.  

Our Pittsburgh attorneys are admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania.We makes no representation about the law in any other state. Most of the content of this site applies to Mr. Elliott’s practice in Pennsylvania; however, you must obtain a consultation to know which state’s law will apply to the facts in your case, and how that law will apply.

You should not rely on the information on this site except as a starting point for your own investigation into your rights and responsibilities. You will need to have a conversation with an attorney in person (not through email) in order for you to become fully aware and informed of your rights and duties in any given situation.


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Consider making first contact with or Pittsburgh-area advocate regarding mechanic’s Liens (filing, defensesperfection, priority, whether money damages may be sought, deadlines, lien waivers), real estate disputes, warranties, warranty issues, construction disputes involving contractors, GCs, sub-contractors, and suppliers), and more.   Utilize our convenience site map for more information.  See this link regarding mechanic’s lien actions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylania, United States

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