Outside of Pennsylvania

Outside of PennsylvaniaWhy Pennsylvania?

A lawsuit can and should be brought in Pennsylvania for any number of reasons; the contract at issue may require it. That is to say, the contract may have a “choice of forum” clause, requiring that all disputes on the contract be resolved in Pennsylvania. Or, perhaps, the Defendant is located in Pennsylvania. That said, suit may be improper in PA, and the out-of-state Defendant may need to challenge venue or jurisdiction. There are many reasons why you must participate in litigation in Pennsylvania.

If You Live Outside of PA…

No problem. Our Pittsburgh, PA lawyers regularly help individuals and corporations who operate outside of PA and who find themselves involved in litigation concerns property and/or mechanic’s lien disputes in Pennsylvania. We have helped clients from diverse areas, including New England, the Las Vegas area, Texas, and even parts of Europe. 

Making It Easy.

We try to make it easy for you to participate in PA litigation from a distant location. For example, we rely on high speed, color scanners to quickly email you every document and photo in your case in crisp looking detail. We may also petition the court to allow you to testify by telephone in certain proceedings. Overall, we strive to make it relatively easy for you to participate in PA litigation from outside of the state of Pennsylvania.

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You will find it surprisingly affordable to obtain representation in Pennsylvania. Contact our attorneys in Pittsburgh to learn your options.  


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